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Upgraded clutch help please ?

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Ok looking to be buying a upgraded clutch for my pd130 , wanting one that will easily cope with up to 230 bhp . So just wanting to know which is the best one to go for and what sort of price ill be looking at ? Have also herd that the padel clutches are quite good ?

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230bhp is not the problem the torque that goes with it is. I will be getting a sachs organic plate and sachs uprated pressure plate along with a new flywheel. depends how much your willing to spend and if you can put up with slightly heavier pedal. SMF is the way forward if you can cope with the extra noise[C]
130pd..... Six speed 'box? Single mass flywheel? ??????!
130pd..... Six speed 'box? Single mass flywheel? ££££££!
Not that bad see here
?943. I suppose it will at least remove that bit of doubt! Looks nice too, shame it'll be hidden!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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