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Dear all,

Anyone who has been to a show, or had a look at some photos from a show that uk-mkivs has attended, will no doubt have noticed the custom number plates we use on display cars. These plates are black with out red/white logo on and come in two versions - one for mkiv's and the other for mkv's.

We decided a while back that we would only supply these to cars taking part in club displays due to costs etc. having them produced. This worked initially but, it seems a few of you, who shall remain unnamed, decided not to return the plates therefore meainng numbers remaining have dwindled.

Now... we have had a change of mind! We would like to offer these plates via our online shop. Much like the sticker sales we're hoping these will be big sellers, and its also hoped it will mean that those taking part at shows will be able to supply their own plates. The plates could also be used for other purposes like photoshoots etc. [Y]

Prices are still to be confirmed but we expect it to be over ?10 each due to the size and postage costs.

We will be offering both mkiv (Mk4) and mkv (Mk5) versions. Question is, would you lot be interested in these? Please let us know [:)]

Here's a pic to wet your appetite [;)] (Click to enlarge) :

1 - 20 of 88 Posts
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