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Ace Corner, North Circular Road, Stonebridge, London, NW10 7UD


We will be aiming to leave at 11am

There will be a convoy leaving South Mimms at 9.30am cruising to The Ace Cafe should anyone wish to join.

There may also be a convoy going from Clackett Lane Services on the M25 going to Brighton for those who are coming long distance from way over that side, rather than go to Ace Cafe. Its an option and entirely up to you. Details to be confirmed soon.

By all means people can just attend the Cruise (though this will mean making your own way back home)


Saturday 3rd December 2005 Posted Image

Meeting at The Ace Cafe

Cruising to Brighton

Having a mooch round Brighton Pier etc

Staying at the Innkeepers Lodge

Dinner will be at The Harvester Restaurant at The Black Lion 8.30pm which is located next door to Innkeepers Lodge (This will involve Secret Santa & More!!!)

To be in Secret Santa. I would like you all to buy something for between ?1.00 -?5.00 anything you like just a silly little thing and what I would like you to do is wrap it up and on the label you must right a short little ditty giving a little something away as to who you are and then they will all go in a box and when someone pulls it out they will have to try and guess who it is from, from the ditty.

There will be prizes for:

Best Dressed Santa: Anything from xmas hats, earrings, lots a tinsel you know what I mean.To full costume ( you don't have to go too mad!)

The most drunk and entertaining of the evening

The most sober

Enjoy the party and fun and then pass out!

Next day breakfast and the cruise home.

And another little Surpirse for everyone! shhhh its a secret!

As said the hotel is optional and partners are welcome! Should people not get a chance to book a room there are plenty of B&B's and Guest House reletivley nearby.

Hotel details:

Room availability very low For booking call 0870 2430500

The Black Lion Harvester and Innkeeper?s Lodge Brighton,
London Road,
01273 552 886

Cheers guys!


Confirmed Attendance [:D]
20 of us!!!!

j40hnw (Confirmed Meal/Cruise/Hotel)

k6tyw (Confirmed Meal/Cruise/Hotel)

nosaj +1 (Confirmed Meal/Cruise/Hotel)

tylerama +1 (Confirmed Meal/Cruise/Hotel)

ibizaangel +1 (Cancelled)

MissT16 (Confirmed Meal/Cruise)

Deadlock +1 (Cruise Only)

Shiuming (Confirmed Meal/Cruise)

Viperpsych (Confirmed Meal/Cruise/Hotel)

Sceptic (Confirmed Meal/Cruise/Hotel)

RS Golf (Confirmed Meal/Cruise)

Zekegti +1 (Cancelled)

Goldk28611 (Confirmed Cruise/Meal)

BORA_TOM +1 ( (Confirmed Meal/Cruise/Hotel)

SteveR (Confirmed Meal/Hotel)

Wallacel +1 ( Confirmed Meal)

CkB ( Confirmed Meal/Cruise)

Geoffone (possibility of joining the cruise)

Posted Image

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No way! I am away that date! Espesh as my car should be ready for a meet by then!

Otherwise you could have come to mine for afternoon tea [;)]

Although it would be like commuting Brighton-London-Brighton! [:)]

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Count me in for this one [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

is there a list for the b&b so we can book up
I have spent all day trying to find cheap places within a walking distance of where we will be eating its so hard. I need to get an idea from you all of what you would be happy on spending?

If you can give me an idea it may help me to narrow it down a bit.

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Hi Katy

Where are you looking, if you need a hand let me know, I am usually quite good at finding a bargin. I would have thought that a B&B would be anything from ?35 per person per night. I know parking is an absolute nightmare in Brighton so that will be something to look into.

Hope you are ok. See ya Sunday! xx

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Im sure i did a post about the price and not minding , but i cant find it [:'(]

so here it is again think it will be round the 50 quid mark but let me no if it cost anymore , as im sure that will be ok
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