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Turbo problems on Golf ARL

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ive got a judder under hard load on the car and loads of smoke out the back. I think it could be the turbo and was wondering if anyone had tried these replacement turbo cartridges?
Any feed back would be great guys.
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Cartridges can be a bit hit and miss to be honest, my mechanic has done a few on cabs; all from the same supplier some go fine others die spectacularly within about 20k. If you are going to keep the car just get a reputable refurb. The cost difference is worth it.
Cheers Booster. Just trying to weigh it up. Not sure i will be keeping it much longer anyway so will have to see.
I need to confirm its turbo first so its goin up on the ramp to have a look at what play is in the shaft firts.
Pretty sure judging by the smoke it will be tho. Dont think a bad injector would cause what im experiencing

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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