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Cheers Guys!

All links were appreciated and very helpfull..

I still carn't make up my mind on what car to buy next. I won't be for probably another year yet as I bought my first house just over three months ago.

Shortlist so far:-

Golf MKV GT TDI 140


Audi A4 130PD Sport

I also like the idea of a Seat Leon Cupra 150PD, although prefer the Golfs.

P.s. I would love a BMW 330d although ?20,000 buys you a decent one. Looking more at ?15,000


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i got mine chipped with only 600 miles on the clock had a few little problems with flat spots which they sorted out for me goes very well now on acceleration

in a straight line it does a great wheel spin on the second to third gear change if you are flooring it at about 35 MPH

i was well happy with the difference for a box that was plugged in line we have 2 golfs at work and when my mate drove mine he wasn't happy as his (for some strange reason) doesn't go as fast;-)
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