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I'm intending to visit the Fatherland next year and visit the Wolfsburg factory and the Autostadt around march.

It would be me and another forum member, Beddie, and would like to see if other folk are intersted in coming too.

I'm not offering to arrange a group trip, I apologise but wouldn't have the time and would probably male chicken it up too(!) but with good communication would could all make the same arrangements and booking and travel together.

Initial thoughts are to sail to the Continent from Hull or Newcastle and zoom to Germany. Also visiting the Nurburgring whilst we're there is a possibility-it would be rude not to!



How does leaving on Sun 10th April sound to you folk? Have a good week in Europe, maybe up to 8-9 days?

Its my booked leave, i can't choose, I get told when i can have my holidays.

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As you are from the north one of the northern ferries will make your life soooo much easier. I went on the trip last october through Dover, and have done similar route via newcastle-amsterdam. The advantage is that you get two nights on the ferry and driving is majorly reduced in UK.

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Did the full Germany Shebang last September03.

I got to Wolfsburg from Liverpool via Channel Tunnel in 13 hours in my 1971 1300 Beetle[:D]

The Wolfsburg Holiday inn is about the best hotel in the town and is only 10mins walk from Diesel Strasse Auto Museum and Auto stadt.


At AUTOSTADT there is only 1 english language factory tour that departs daily at 12.00hrs, so visit AUto stadt first if you want to catch that.

Diesel Strasse AutoMuseum Volkswagen has the best collection of VW's though Autostadt has all the facilities. The Zeit haus is by far the best attraction at Autostadt, the individual V.A.G. brand houses are a bit of a dissapointment if your not interested philisophically in the marketing ideals and social impact / cultural intergration ,strengths,youthfulness , etc of each brand.

There is a good working exhibit of all the workings and manufacturing processes of VW's (bilingual presentation) and an off road course in a Toureg 4x4.

Hotel,channel crossing,petrol cost me ?300 for two.[:)]

Merseyside VW club are going to Wolfsburg in summer 2005[8)]
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