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I was thinking i may go for a weekend - anyone fancy it?


Ok, so i've PM'd a load of you who showed interest........and i hope you can all come !!! LOL!

As for your better halves - you can bring them along of course!

Personally, i'm going for a good laff, to talk cars and sample German beer.....a lads outing if you will.

My Mrs isn't coming; I did invite her, but she's working all weekend; coincidence? naaaaaah!

So, here is the CONFIRMED list..........

1) Foxy + 1

2) Aric x1

3) Sparrow x1

4) Dubbers + 1

5) JON XL + 1

6) Richard + 1

7) Stuart + 1

8) Simch + 1

9) Deadlock


Here are the planned steps:

* All parties interested will confirm by say 15th March (next Tues)

* You forward your car details to me, and i will book the ferry places

* You individually pay for your ferry direct ( i will provide details )

* You can make accommodation arrangements via our plans or do it yourself


Some points worthy of mention (i.e. IMPORTANT STUFF!)

*You need to obtain car insurance for driving in Europe (continent)

*Get your insurer to send you a "green card" for the duration - (it may cost you next to nothing if they decide to charge)

*Remember you'll be driving on the right

*Get headlamp beam blockers/benders if you intend driving at night

*Take passport for each of you

*Take car insurance details

*Think about buying breakdown recovery for Europe (if you dont have it)

*Take cash and credit cards


*Do not break the law

*Drive responsibly

*Don't drive tired

*Take some oil and water for the engine

*Ensure your tyres and brakes are in good order

*If you're driving on the ring, you might like to get insurance....and/or take gaffer tape for your no. plates!

*Do not drink and drive.


My idea of the form for the weekend........

> Sat 30th

> Drive to Dover

> Get the Ferry for mid morning sailing

> Arrive in France for around 1pm

> Set off on the journey

> Stop off once or twice for rest/refreshment

> Arrive near 'ring

> Find the Hotel and book in

> Go for nosebag and a beer

> Stop at Hotel

> Sun 1st

> Brekky

> Drive to circuit and spend the day

> Drive / watch / sightsee whatever

> Pack up and get nosebag

> Drive part way back to Ferry

> Stop over at Hotel

> Mon 2nd

> Early Start

> Brekky

> Catch ferry at Dunkerque

> Arrive Dover

> Drive home


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Me and 3 mates are going later this year, We have provisonally set aside the bank holiday weekend at the start of May.

Just waiting for the official calender of opening times to be confirmed at the end of this month as teh circuit isn't open to the public all the time.

This is a good place to look has all the info that you may need.

Maybe see some of you over there, I'll be the one overtaking at 9200rpm, then backwards into the arnco at the 1st corner [:I]

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