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Trip computer not working please help

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My Trip computer (which tells you the temp and MPG) was flashing ie was on then go off for about 10-30 min then come back on again. Since it snowed in the UK it just hasnt come on now. I just wanted to know if there is a fault with wiring or does it mean that the whole cluster has to be replaced. if so it expensive ???
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After driving on the motorway once the car had warmed up the display came back on, it then went off
you probably just have a common lcd display problem which is usually fixed by opening the cluster and placing some tape around the edges of the lcd display, and then replacing the metal frame to ensure that there is more pressure on the display. It should then work.
Ooh, if only I'd been taught this fix a few months ago, I opened up my cluster to spray the surround, but have superglued it back together again. If I open it up again I'm sure I'll crack the clear panel. Mine hasn't died completely, its just annoying that some pixels look dim at times.
is it difficult to dismantle the cluster ? also could there be another fix ie loose wire connection etc.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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