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I have heard that you can buy a little torch that goes in the ciggy lighter socket (to charge).

Does anyone have one of these torches? I have some question about them:

1. Are they any good/Worth buying?

2. If it is small enough to fit in the ciggy socket and still close the ash tray cover?

3. How bright the light is?

4. How long the battery lasts for both when it is being used and when you dont?

5. How much goes it cost?

6. Does anyone on here sell them?

Cheers [8D]

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1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Very bright, dont shine into your eyes because you will continue seeing it for a few hours after!

4. Days

5. Hmmm, around 20 pounds I think (old foxy GB)

6. Think there is a GB going on right now, contact shaq
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