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Hi all been thinking of havin my monza's professionally powder coated in white anybody else done this ? any chance of a photoshop so i can see what they look like....Btw the wheel specialist quoted me £300 for a full refurbish guaranteed for 12 months all replys welcome thanks [H]

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I want mine in matte £300 quid i dont think i will though haha, that seems bit steep. wish i was able to PS.. i would do yours and mine. whereabouts in SW are you? im coming to that wonderful part of the world for new year, Saundersfoot/begelly :)

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Here's what they do seems quite good i think lol Btw i'm from the cwmbran area...

The Wheel Specialist

Your Car Will Look Great With New Look Wheels!

Turn your worn, corroded and damaged alloys into something
you can be proud of, for a fraction of the price of replacement
wheels, with our full specialist refurbishment service.
- Same Day Total Service
- Drive In Or Drop Off
- Wide Range Of Finishes
- 12 Month Guarantee

Visit Our Showroom & See For Yourself
We have a showroom full of wheels that have been refurbished
to the highest quality standard so you can see for yourself
what a "Wheel Specialist Finish" looks and feels like.

Full directions and address details can be seen on our
website for your nearest branch:

You can choose from our wide range of colours and finishes
in powder and or wet paint combinations,
to make your wheels look new again or to create a more
individual look. Our professional and friendly technicians
will advise you on the best options based on your design
of wheel and the condition it is in.Most manufacturer matches available.

The Wheel Specialist will give your wheels a TOTAL
REFURBISHMENT of the WHOLE wheel to the very highest
standard. Our professional technicians will strip the wheel down
to bare metal and prepare it properly to remove any curbing,
corrosion or blemishes before powder coating.

Powder coating is the most durable finish for your wheels which
will better protect them than when they were brand new. They will
look fantastic and the quality finish will last for many years to
come, with no flaking or peeling. Why not visit our showroom to
see for yourself?

Easy Maintenance
Brake dust and grime shifts so easily from the powder coat
lacquered surface of our finished wheels.

Remember, Not All Quotes For Alloy Wheel
Refurbishment Are The Same!

The Wheel Specialist 'Same Day' Total Service takes care of
everything so you don?t have to worry about a thing:
- Top quality alloy wheel refurbishment, of the whole wheel
- Durable powder coating, to the finish of your choice
- Strip & refit your tyres**
- Balance wheels**
- New chrome valves**
- New tyre service**

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