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The runabout bora highline

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It's my first post so be gentle ha and my first vag car!

Bora sport tdi highline, full history, black leather and blue suede/ alcantara interior, winter pack, cruise control, power fold also has Lexus back lights, hids, and is lowered a bit.

Ok sooooo bad points are that it was heavily smoked in, power fold mirrors don't work, headlight washers don't work, down pipe is blowing, and the alternator tensuoner is noisy, boot spoiler has sagged too.

Any hints or tips to get bits working would be much appreciated....already had interior out and cleaned and carpet cleaned, got some spare power folding mirrors from a Passat as spares and full service kit and new cat and downpipe r for starts.


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appreciate comments and criticism guys :)
Does'nt sound bad for the money at all really. In regards of the folding mirrors, are you planning on gutting the Passat ones or something as they won't be a direct fit as the bases plates differ?
Power fold mirrors weren't as far as I'm aware an option in the UK on the Golf or Bora. Seat/Passat frankenmirrors are likely. There are a couple of threads on here on how to get them to work (in my build I detail it and how I got it to work.

If they are genuine HIDs, which I'd doubt unfortunately, then they will be good.

Looks like a nice starting point
Yup, mine are gutted Seat Leon mirrors. As far as I'm aware the only oe mk4 folding mirrors were available to the Japanese market and fetch big money.
The alternater pulley is quite a common fault as it's clutched and can rattle like hell or completely seize up.
Replacements aren't overly expensive but you'll need the specific splined tool to remove it.
Thanks guys

Car is pretty neglected...the hids are not genuine xenons and I have no removed them. Currently front bumper and headlights are off as I was finding why my headlight washers don't work....the mechanism is broken on the drivers trying to source one of those but it's hard :/

Car was registered as a vw demo for Preston it seems.

I aim to gut the Passat mirrors and transplant hopefully... Is there a tell tale on my loom as to whether it has power fold already? On my astra mk5 it had two extra wires each side? Failing that I'm going to go for stubbies perhaps.

I've got a host of pictures to post but need to find somewhere to upload them to :/
ok so I definately do not have power fold mirrors, and I broke the casings when checking- my bad!

watch this space- lupo/polo stubbies or passat power fold mirrors coming up
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