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What is your idea of a perfect mk4? What are you working towards? Just
thinking of bits and pieces for my new mk4 (which arrives tommorow) and
want (like everyone..) to keep it subtle/OEM. Thinking of going for...

17" Santa Monicas

Slammed at least 60mm on coilovers

Black leather/heated recaros

R32 interior trims (pedals, dash bits)

Mk5 rear wiper

Bora vents

Bora sport/TT trims (dial rings etc)

OEM instrument panel (possibly...wont be able to fit the R trims though :/ )

Remove 'Golf' and 'GTI' rear badges.

Perfect IMHO. Just nice and simple, make the interior comfortable, exterior clean and imo the best looking alloys.

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to me personally i think looks wise my golf is perfect, thats only to me though!!! smooth, low, subtle, the 18" rims that i fell in love with at first site! Ive got it looking that way i dreamt of and to me thats my perfect golf. Its took a while and lots of cash, but i got it in the end.

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What about a TDi 150 (or more?) PD estate 4motion? High spec of course.

I think that I read that they were available in Belgium, but never imported to UK
They indeed where along with a bora estate v6 4motion, etka even lists
the body shell, I may well build myself one..... anyone got a cheap
rear ended R32?

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Black or silver 3dr 150tdi chipped

Santa monicas, only 17s, but their the ultimate in OEM!!

Light smoke tints

Lowered 40mm

Private plate with 'DAN' in it.

Proper vw rear spoiler

4mo valances

Black leather with bora vents, sat nav, climatronic, R32 steering wheel etc

Debadged rear (keep the VW badge obviously).

3 gorgeous girls sitting in it, with me driving!

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Indigo Blue 1.8T 4motion 5 door
Completely de-badged
Chipped, FMIC, Miltek etc to 260-280bhp
Haldex mod
Leather Recaros climate etc
Eibach springs, Koni adjustables, R32 Brakes and ARBs, Powerflex bushes
18" BBS LMs

I'd like a MkIV of that spec, built with S3/TT 225 running gear as a base and then modded from there. If we're talking fantasy here, maybe have the shell stitch welded to race/rally spec for strength.
Would look completely stock from the outside (except the wheels of course.....)

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is this what your mate had on his:

as i think they are so nice, a step up from the BBS ones which look ace on the car.

Would love some as they look so nice, even better on a mk4, as i got a local dealer to put some on my car so i could see what they looked like. Just wish i had the money, as they are a tad expensive.
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