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Time: 14:10

Location: Asda traffic lights, Norwich ring road.

Me and the wife in the car on the way back home, and the lights change to red. A queue of cars in the L/H lane to go straight on; R/H lane empty. I go into the empty lane and end up head to head with a Chavesse in a fiesta with a big whale tale spoiler (she didn't look more than 17). There's me thinking 'aahh bless - I'll show her how this is done, she won't see me for dust'.

Lights turn amber, handbrake off, throttle down, clutch up and ............I stall the engine[V]The wife just looked at me and said nothing. Never have I felt so bad. It was awful! I'm sure I saw fiesta bird grinning in the mirror, light glinting off the ironing board strapped to the back of her motor.

Blo*dy V5. Why is it so had to launch cleanly away from a standing start???????????
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