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Hi all,

I'm trying to help out my father in law with his mk1 TT. About 6 months ago I took out the dash pod to send to Cartronix for an LCD and gauge repair, which all went well. When I put the dash back in everything was fine for 3 months.

1) The dash then suddenly switched to Kilometers instead of Miles after around 3 months of use
2) As of December, the car will start for 1 second and seems to be blocked by the immobiliser

I had an extensive search but most posts state the immobiliser light switches on and flashes yellow. In my case there is no light at all.

The symptoms are as follows:

  • Turn on ignition and no yellow key light on the dash appears (it doesn't even flash up for a second)
  • DIS does not illuminate
  • Car starts and stops after 1 second
  • Fault code 17978
  • Both keys do the same
  • Disconnecting the battery etc does not work
  • The radio displays "SAFE"

17978/P1570/005488 - Ross-Tech Wiki

I've removed the dash pod and the exact same symptoms happen - so I believe something is wrong between the car and the dash.

I was going to post the dash back to Cartronix for a test, but is this a waste of time and money? Could it be something in the dash that's not completing a circuit to the ECU?
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