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thanks for braking my car.....CF mirrors...???

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i didnt hit a deer or anything but some **C**G C*** has smacked my NS wing mirror and mullered the casing. anyone got a spare kicking about? i dint mind what colour as i was going to spray mine black any ways. A pair of black ones would be a touch.

Cheers peoples [Y]
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you missed a star between the c and the g

but no mate sorry I dont, bad crack that tho, excuse the pun.
lol you funny [Removed]! [Y]
My mrs was sat in her car when some old biddy took her mirror clean off, also took hers off, she carried on driving, we have here 2010 focus mirror [:D]

Anyway have these

Posted Image

I also have a pair of black ones, and a pair of green ones.
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how much for the black ones fella? the CF ones will prob be miles out my price range. i begrudge having to spend out on something i didnt brake my self! lol
Yea i was lucky as the mirror went back on and managed to get a glass for £8

£60 posted for the CF ones or £50 posted for the black ones, or just £25 per mirror
ill have the CF ones then fella. SOLD! can you send me more pics. im assuming its a complete unit?
thanks pete i was thinking the same thing. if anyone wants to photoshop them on theres a couple new pics in my build thread!
Where can you get real carbon fibre covers from? the ones pictured above look sweet[C]
Lol I don't know where you get them? They were on a car I brought.

I also have a carbon rear spoiler.
doesn't look bad but not the shape I would go for. Cheers for pic mate
i had some w****r on a motorbike come past me wheelying and messing about at like 70 - 80 mph so he got the finger then punched my drivers door mirror off but got his number plate and got £50 out of him then went to a breakers and got one for 20 :D try a breakers if not ?
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