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As some of ya may know, i have been swapping emails with RSD at Daventry over the last few weeks.

Last nite they phoned me and asked me over in the morning to chat etc.

As soon as I walked in Danny (head of RSD) welcomed me a thrust the keys to his Oettingered MK5 GT TDi into my palm.

After Danny briefed me (said "give it beans!") I cranked her up and we were away.

The car is black and has a full Charactere Body kit, hatch blend, runs a twin-exit Oettinger rear exhaust box, and is booted with 18" 8-spokes.

It's running stock suspension at present even though it looked lower than mine.

Turning onto the open road, I gave the car a minute to get warm (it was already fairly warm).

The performance benefits seem to appear across the rev range, on top of what is already a flexible and revvy package.

The mid-range seems to have been bolstered by more 'go' and flooring the loud pedal, holding for top revs rewards by delivering power rather than torque.

Higher speeds seem easier to achieve and on my test run I also ensured there was a long steep uphill climb which it seemed to eat up with relative ease.

I found myself burying the gas pedal to the boards in order to find the extra grunt which this remap has to offer, but when it is delivered - it IS rewarding.

I think in conclusion, i'd say the map is very drivable and easy to live with.

The guide figure is something like 170bhp - see the Oettinger site for the actual map details.

We then went on to talk about warranty - the 3-year backup has no 'grey areas' whatsoever - Its a warranty which is approved by VW too.

Danny also revealed (this is an exclusive?) that they now have a new dual-mass flywheel and clutch assembly for the TDi which will take 380Lb-ft....

Chatting about suspension, Danny reassured me that he only recommends and fits Eibach which is good news for anyone wanting to join our group buy!

RSD have tried many spring options but either the stock VW springs (Eibach supplied) or Eibach's Pro-Line kits give best results.

Posted Image

RSD fit AP brakes for upgrade work, along with suitable rotors.

I think the 6-pot's were mentioned for the MK5.

The twin-exit exhaust on the MK5 is easier to achieve than it's predecessor as the existing back-box sits right under the boot, like the 4-motion/r32 of the mk4.

I will be chatting to RSD this week about the best price they can offer us.....we already qualify for a bit of discount but perhaps 10x customers buying together would improve our buying power.

Thanks again to Trish and Danny for the opportunity to see RSD's capabilities.

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So are you tempted to go for this in preference to the superchips upgrade?

Whats the price difference?


I think you post on here whats the limitations for the DSG gearbox, I'm pressuming the oettinger chip is the same for the audi a3?



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Quote: posted by micky 32 on 08/01/2005 19:10:40

the clutch sounds interesting, was there a hint of the price?

I've posted in the Clutch section.

Quote: posted by EddyH on 08/01/2005 19:54:28

Isn't the kit in the photo Caractre not Oettinger?

I'll second that. I've got the brochure here [B)]

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So Foxy what's the deal? Are you saying the superchips (not sure if you've driven a superchip MKV) provides more power than the oettinger when you press the go pedal? Is it higher up the rev range compared to superchips? Or are they roughly the same?

Is the superchip more raw?

Trying to decide which one is better without driving them myself!

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Are you saying that having the Oettinger upgrade does not invalidate the warranty? Or that RSD probdie an alternative?

"We then went on to talk about warranty - the 3-year backup has no 'grey areas' whatsoever - Its a warranty which is approved by VW too".


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Quote: posted by VWMichael on 09/01/2005 18:23:48

I was on this site...just couldn't see any prices...still can't

It's there, but it's in Euros, and German

Easy enough to follow if you match up the part numbers of what you want from the main site though.

But as Gary says, RSD are (one of?) the importers of Oettinger stuff here

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I have yet to drive the Superchips Mk5 but after chatting with Danny, he said they are probably the only other tuning house he'd recommend.

Their product extract almost the same figures from the Mk5 as Oettingers.

I imagine they are similar to drive but i'd have to try it to be sure.

@VW Michael

RSD's price is 700 quid for the Mk5 remap - before any discount.

Danny hinted that if there are a gaggle of us, he may be able to come close to Superchip's price but he's not in ANY WAY trying to poach the business. He has alot of respect for them and would like to ensure any existing interest in Superchips is retained.

I think that says alot for RSD.


To back up Gary's words - yes, RSD can supply any Oettinger parts or conversions for VAG cars.

They do a nice 540bhp conversion for the RS6 - at about 8k.


VAG are working back-to-back with Oettinger and if you like Oettinger do the 'factory' conversions for VW.

RSD are the UK agent for Oettinger.

If you get a conversion done by RSD, the details are sent to VAG to be kept at HQ on their database.

If any problems arise with your car, VW's warranty covers it.

Should for any reason VAG not cover the problem (for example if it's a modded part or the modded part has caused the damage - unlikely but it needs to be thought thru) then Oettinger's warranty covers all costs.

There are no 'grey areas' between the two warranties.
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