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Tdi sticking choke ??

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I'm not sure if this is normal or not but most of the time my car tics over nicely at around 800revs and at the odd times if I pull up at the traffic lights or i'n traffic it will tick over normally then randomly it will raise it's revs to around 900-950 some times it stay like this over times it will do it for a couple of seconds

Also I've realised some times when I first start the car it revs up then drops to normal tick over or if it's been funny tics over at 900-950 revs

Is this a sticking choke ? Or a possible maf fault

Or is this normal with the cold weather

Thanks i'n advance
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Hum that is strange, I can't remember off the top of my head what my TDI idles at but it sure doesn't go up when stationary! Not sure why it would be a MAF fault, it could be all sorts of things, for example if the coolant temperature sensor was faulty it might tell the ECU the engine is cold and therefore needs a higher idle. It's probably more cost effective to get your car plugged in to a Vag-Com, see if any faults have appeared, clear them and see what comes back again to make sure it is a current fault.
Thank you very much I'll try get hold of vag-com and a lead as it seems it will come i'n handy over time

Thanks again
does it make any kind of noise has the revs increase?
I had this issue on mine and it was the temp sensor. Showed up on vag com. Now replaced starts better and no more random revving.

Hope this helps

may be a stupid question but where is the temp sensor located ?
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