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Hi All,

Thought I'd share my experience of running out of fuel (first time in 30 years!) in the above. Won't go into all the details of how I came to get myself into this situation (embarrassment!) but just thought people might want to know how far you can push it! Managed 698.5 miles on the tank (plus all the fuel lines) before it "flamed out".

Average mpg by the MFD over the tankfull was 58.4 mpg. (Working out empirically it was about 54.7mpg but this may be subject to some error (seems a bit low) as I am not exactly sure how much diesel I poured into the tank from the spare fuel can before getting it started and refilling the tank.)

Distance running after "0 miles left" on MFD was 76.2 miles. (Albeit the latter ~40 miles of this was in mega economy mode at 70.2 mpg. (as shown on the MFD mpg(1) meter.)

The amount of warning you get was about 2 miles from feeling the first subtle "miss", until the engine stalled out as I came off a roundabout on the outskirts of the town in which I was intending to refuel.

After scrounging a quick lift to the nearest (and very expensive) petrol station, added about 4L of diesel to the tank. Took about 2-3 minutes of cranking to get it to fire up again. During this time you get a lot of dire warnings on the the MFD to "STOP!" with additional warnings about "Oil Pressure" & "Read The Owners Manual" but I have experienced these warnings before when my ECU failed and was advised by several people (RAC, Garage, etc) that these warnings can be ignored as long as you are just cranking and engine is not firing. Engine maybe felt a little rough after starting and for the first ~40 miles after, but seems to be all right now.

Concerns: Still a bit worried that all the cr*p in the tank has now been dredged into the pipe network, filters, pump & injectors but engine seems to be running OK for the moment.

Interesting final point. Based on my calculations of the subsequent fill up, plus the ~4L that I added to tank from spare fuel can, the total capacity of the fuel system (tank, pipes, etc) is ~58L.

Hope this helps somebody work out "whether they can make it" in the future.


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