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suspension set-ups- recommendations wanted

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Hi all

I have a Mk4 GtTDi 150 running on 18's and a 40mm lowering kit (as it was when I bought it so no idea of make or model)

The car has always had an appalling ride quality and the front end bounces like a bitch when the going over uneven roads.

It came to my attention that this set up had completely ruined the back axle bushes and there is very little clearance for the wishbones (the guy said this could be fairly dangerous) when it came to its MOT this time.

On a smooth dry road the car well (for a Mk4) but everywhere else almost every other car on sale would be better.

I'd quite like to keep the 40mm drop as the car squats really nicely [:D]

So I'm basically looking for a suspension set up that wont ruin my bushes and give me a smoother ride but still handle pretty well when the going gets twisty.

I've done some searching and a lot of people seem to be running coilovers and ARB's. Is this the best? and what makes/models are the best to go for.

All comments are much appreciated

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Forgot to add there isn't a budget, just want the car right
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