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Sump bolts...

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Totally sick.....which ever idiot at VW manufacturing decided it would be a good idea to put 2 bolts up and BEHIND the flywheel on a 1.8T engine....give yourself a pat on the back for being such a stupid idiot and making my life hell getting my sump off.

Ive given up.....Rebuild 95% of my mk4 and i cant even get 2 sump bolts out with the gearbox and flywheel on. WHAT A JOKE.

end of rant.
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whats wrong are the heads stripped?

i know completely stupid for putting those two bolts there. Which keys did you use to try removing them you're supposed to use these (the ball side) so you can get an angle on them if it helps.
You need the longer one in this picture to get to them - 5 mm ball hex with an 8" shaft

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Seems like I need a ball headed allen key. and HOPE it comes out.

Still.....such a utter crap design.
Do a search for VAG Tool T10058

I also just read somewhere that on some VW motors if you rotate the crank there may be some slots on the flywheel that will line up with the bolts to allow easier access to them.
Going to get a ball ended hex key now.....hopefully it works.
Going to get a ball ended hex key now.....hopefully it works.
It does it's what i use in work a life saving tool. It's not just the 1.8T like this is most of the VW range with the alloy sumps!
Well i bought a ball headed allen key....managed to fit it in....but then it rounded the allen head on BOTH the bolts.

What a joke.

And for those how like tight spaces....this is how tight it is.

Posted Image

Posted Image
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i doubt it rounded off the bolts, you probably rounded them whilst you tried to open them with the normal allen key. rounded with the ball headed allen key.

Nuts were correctly torqued aswell in november when engine went in....
maybe the allen keys you got arent any good? i used a key to open the same nut and it opened no problem.

only other solution if it doesnt open the the keys would be to remove the gearbox of remove the bolts and leave the gearbox on but create a gap to get a normal key in there straight.

edit: actually cant you rotate the flywheel and get them straight in there?
They halfords advanced good tools.
Had to do mine on my old pd130. What a pain in the ass! Rounded them off so used a torx bit which eventually got them out.

fooking joke it is.

Might just chemical metal it again.
if you undo the bottom bolts on the gearbox and the gearbox mount and lever the bottom edge of the box away from the block will it give you enough room?
i had this issue on an old car..i used 2 allens (1 for each caphead)

and i araldited them in place...then 3 hrs later i managed to get them undone...then managed to "break" the araldite

refitting was much easier with everything being new :)
if not...try the next imperial size up !!!!

im guessing by the picture, you are using a 6mm allen key? try doing it all with a 1/4 allen key

the extra .35mm my help
Gearbox is levered away.....still hits the flywheel....

I used a 5mm ball headed allen key...6mm doesnt fit....ive tried.
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