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Strut advice

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On a recent MOT there is slight movement on both Mcphearson struts. I was just wondering if there is any guides to fixing this or if its even home diyable ?

One of those super etka pics neil would be ace ;)

The list of to do work is building up on the golf, but I'm holding off till warmer weather just figuring it all out now before hand.
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Hello mate,

Yeah i would say its easily DIY able, my dad had very worn top mounts on his struts which we changed last summer, you will need to change the rubber top mount and bearing, the strut will need to be removed to do this.

If you can i would leave it till the summer as weather is not best at the moment.
Great stuff, sounds do-able.

By any chance do you have a mini guide on whats involved, my haynes in somewhere in a box in the attic which is not going to be easy to find lol :) ... The parts seems change for the rubber bit, bearing. I guess this bearing has worn causing slight movement, which might explain my slight knock when I sometimes brake. Been hunting the cause of this for a year now. Replcing wishbones, track rods/end dogbone mout etc. If this is the remedy I shall be sooooooo happy to be rid of that knock.

Definitely will wait till the summer instead of the usual pain and struggle and frozen fingers in winter.

Sods law I had to do my passenger front side as the window regulator decided to give way! .. although it wasn't to bad about an hour or so going in and out to warm up :) .. much to my good ladies annoyance pffft.

Appreciate the help and post [y]
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