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Stolen Civic Type-r (video and pics included)

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Hey guys, a fellow member on our and had his FN2 stolen. It has couple of mugen stickers on side which will help spot it easily. If anyone comes across or sees it, please get in touch or report it asap-

Location- East London/Essex.....Dagenham

My house was broken in to and my keys nabbed, they then proceeded to drive off in my car.

Stolen Thursday 16th December at 5:30am (got cctv footage)

Crystal Black, Mugen stickers down the side and some stickers on the back, see the picture below:

Posted Image

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Sorry, forgot to include location-

East London/Essex.....Dagenham
man thats some low FPS DVR.

hope the police have enough evidence to find and lock up the scummy twunt!
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