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Ok during the snow/subzero temperature weather I find the glass on the window can stick to the window frame (window frame rubber to be precise.

I was driving today and suddenly the window fell into the door. I thought the glass must've falled out of the car or something it made a giant thud, i looked over and there's no window.

Earlier I was trying to open and close the windows but the windows didn't seem to be moving. I didn't realise at the time but the jaws were not gripping tight enough, and the jaws might of slid off with the power of the winder mechanism

It's an aftermarket regulator. maybe the jaw rubber has thinned out or become plastisized over time so it's not gripping it. Maybe I didn't set it tight enough when I fitted it.

in any case, be careful. Dont force the window open when it won't, Maybe the rubber glass grippers have perised a little and need tighening..

Just putting this out there, in case someone has the window fail on them on sub zero temps driving along the A road.
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