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R32 Replica....its good, just not 100%!

The only reason im finding differences is because the item is quoted as being an "identical replica"....

1.Chrome handbrake button.

2.Low spec stereo with storage caddy.

3.Votex rear roof spoiler (incorrectly listed as R32 spoiler).

4.Brakes and Caliper colour.

6.Number plate is too old. (a private plate is needed!)

7.Steering wheel stitch does not match the gear knob stitch.

8.No mention of R32 instrument cluster.

9.No R32 interior vents.

10.Rubber mats!!!

Anyone else find any more differences? Its really a good attempt at a replica and I think most people would be easily fooled. However it doesnt look to be the cleanest inside! [B)]
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