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Spongy brakes?

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Hello guys, got a slight problem. Had an engine swap done recently from a 1.4 to a 1.8t. Everything's fine and the car runs perfectly, brake systems been bled but the pedal is very spongy for about two presses then it goes flat to the floor. I've had a new brake master cylinder fitted but still got the same problem.. Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers guys
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Did you have any problems with the brakes before bleeding and have you changed any parts other than the master cylinder and what led you to change that

Sponginess is almost always the result of air still in the system.

cars with ABS can be difficult to bleed the traditional gravity method because of the restrictions in the Abs pump so it is recommended to use a pressure bleeder to force fluid through. Home users with VCDS can use that to activate the ABS pump as well.

Don't forget to bleed the clutch slave cylinder too - a lot of people forget about it
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