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Split Or sell? Whats it worth?

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Right well time has come for me to change my car,

Done everything i want with this one and now want an S4.

Thing is am i better of selling bits of this one?



160K i know its a lot but it runs a lot nicer than the mrs's one with

History up to 150K

will have 12 months MOT

Thing what are done to it


Milltek cat back

3inch Down pipe and decat


Forge 007

Pipercross Induction

Forge Carbon Engine Cover

SuperPro Poly Dogbone Bush

R-Tech Mapped 220bhp

Jamex Coilovers

19" BBS LM Reps

4motion Front and back valance's

Now i've got most of the standard parts so i could make some money of

Is it worth it?

And what do people think its worth?

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Just my 2p I think you would probably generate more money back if you split and sold parts then sold the car as of standard lm's make a tidy lil price these days and the mods you have are the base to what every owner of a 1.8t are after intact I'm after a k03s at the minute so if you go ahead and strip it let me know I have a mint k03 on my car at the minute always run standard boost no play no smoke .
Some nice spec on your car, but sad to say, you'll make more money by stripping the mods and selling them separately than the car as a whole, unless you get the right person who just has to have it as is.

If you have the time and patience to sell off the easily removeable bits separately, then that's what I'd do.

IMHO, condition and history is what's most important now these mkivs are growing old and there's loads of them out there...
strip and sell for sure, mod'd cars dont have a premium attched,

or maybe advertise in 2 specs at 2 prices, eg as it is £a, or std for £b, see lots of heavily modded mk2s etc being sold this way
True what do people think i could get for it as it is? £2000?
I got 3k for mine 2 years ago. Similar spec, 115k, 1998. Wish I had stripped it though, would have made a lot more money. Problem I had at the time was no one wanted to buy such a heavily modded example (???).

In the end, I had to keep slashing the price, before some young guy about 19-20 bought it. No doubt not telling the insurance.
1999 AGU

Seems a shame to strip it,

Also not shore if it would run ok without exhaust etc with the map?
2 grand is a sensible price id say mate, alot of people with similar spec cars dreaming about 4 or even 5 grand in the classifieds on here.

Got to factor in your time if you strip it, and if you have the bits to put back on it, alot of hassle.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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