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Speaker reccomendations please???

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Hi all,

Im looking to change the front & rear speakers in my Bora. I have been looking @ Alpine Type-R componants on Ebay, but wanted to know other people are using or would reccomend please?

I currently have standard speakers, an Alpine CDE-W203Ri Double-Din headunit, a Pair of JL Audio W0-4 12" subs running of a JL Audio E4300 amplifier & a Fli 1farad Power capacitor.

My budget is around £350-400.

Any suggestions,opinions or ideas on any decent sets or cheapest/best places to get them would be great!

Thanks in advance,

Mike [:)] .
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is there anything in here. not read myself
Na nothing on brands or suppliers etc..

Thanks anyway.
That guide has some suggestions towards brands in it? What ever you get you must amp them as you're never going to get the performance expensive speakers are capable of driven straight from a headunit.

Focal,Alpine,JL,CDT and others will work with that budget and still allow enough for a small but decent amp to drive them with.It really is a waste of money upgrading the rears,in fact this can actually make the fronts sound worse.

Iv blown the rears,thats why im changing. Ye it says the brands,but not actual models. Would you advise amping front & rears or just fronts?

Cheers for the advice [:)] .
Put the OEM fronts in the back,put the new ones in the front and amp just the fronts.

As I say in the guide it really is impossible to recommend something as subjective as speakers as no two people hear music or sound the same way.Unless you're a real audiophile any of the sets around that price will keep you happy.

MB Quart are unbearably bright for my taste so if you listen to a lot of modern dance music they can be fatiguing to listen to for prolonged periods.

Do same makes together sound better? Like JL Audio subs,comps & amps... Or is that just a myth?

Sorry if i sound dumb!lol.

Thanks for all the advice.


Because i was thinking about getting these to match my exsisting Subs & Amp......

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Do same makes together sound better? Like JL Audio subs,comps & amps... Or is that just a myth?
It's about as true as the tooth fairy[:DD].There are way too many variables in sound reproduction which means there is more to be gained or lost by bad installation and setup than what name is written on the box.Keep to the same brand of amps to keep it all matching if that's what you want and go for the same brand speakers if YOU want to.No one else in the world knows what will sound good to your ears,so anyone that says "buy brand X like I have,you'll love the sound of them" is only saying this based on their own personal preferences.

ive got vibe sek's all round in mine can't complain value for money at all. i've a feeling though there discontinued and replaced with something else, but there are still places with them in stock for sale. picked my last pair up for £40 and they retail at £85 i believe.
Thanks guys [Y] .

Think im gunna get the JL Audio set i linked above ^^^^ ......or maybe some Alpine Type-R 's.


Mike [:)] .
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