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I have been informed (thanks Cat), that our proposed meet on August 7th Clashes with the Regional Meet. I therefore propose to cancel the Planned 7-08-05 meet (sunday), and meet on the evening of 5-08-05 (friday). We can then travel to the Billing Area that evening, stay at the Travel Inn or camp, then be fresh for the meet Saturday Morning, 6-08-05.

If this goes ahead, I think we could meet around 7pm (allow people time to finish work) at Cribbs, then get straight on to the motorway.

If any other convoys from the South or Wales wish to join this one, let us know!

Any takers? [;)]


1. EstorilBlue

2. hornetrider

3. Blue V5

4. Andrew (?)

5. Stokers

6. LiQuOrIcE

7. SnrDiggan

Lets get at least 10!!!

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What is this 'billing' event all about??

I should be able to persuade the misses to go along with me!

I used to go along to car shows and massive organised meets with my brother (Dubjon) and they were pretty cool. If thats what billing is then I'de be up for it (Wife permitting).

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I'm fairly new to the community and would love to come but I'm on
holiday!! Also, I'm ashamed of my car at the moment - it's dirty,
it's got a wonky steering wheel, rear washer hose creating a nice
'diluted blue' effect on my beige upholstery, standard suspension so
it's like a monster truck - 'nuff said!! Another time though!!
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