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Some advice needed for when istalling my Eurojet SMIC

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Hi all,

I recently got my Eurojet SMIC and wondered if anyone has any idea whether my 2002 PD130 requires the small map sensor or the large?
Im not sure if anyone else here runs the Eurojet set up, and if you do, what map sensor did you put in? After doing abit of research i do know it MUST me a 3 bar map sensor.

Also got my Allard EGR delete kit with oil catch can. will be cleaning out the inlet manifold in the process.

OOOOHHHH excited to stop this monumental black cloud that my car creates! (it has a leak in the intercooler)
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I have the Turborev's one which is meant to be the same as yours, I just swapped the original one over from my old intercooler [y]
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