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smashed the sump on my pd. will a 1.8t sump fit a tdi?

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as above really had a bit of a mishap with the sump, got a 1.8t sump from an arz lying in the garage. will it fit?
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no im pretty sure they are can get one from eurocar parts 4 £70
cheers for the reply mate. ill be looking into it today and freezing my nuts off under the wet, oily car!
for anyone looking to replace a sump on their pd, a brand new one from vw is ????????$120? pounds plus 20 pounds for the proper vw sump sealent. sump comes with no sump nut.
should of tried euro carparts and saved yaself some money
how did u do it mate?

i bottomed my 1.8t today and not sure if there's any damage (can't get it up jacked high enough to have a proper look)...was a fair old scrape on some very solid concrete!!! haha
one of my wheels locked up after slipping on some ice when i was braking for a speed bump, the other kept rolling and to be honest i didnt even hear a bang, wasnt even going that fast either. i suppose its due to previous scrapes etc that weakened the metal. if yours broke ud know about it as i hit mine 2 mins away from my house and didnt know until i saw a huge puddle of oil in my drive. ive got a 1.8t sump if u need one tho lol
should of tried euro carparts and saved yaself some money
euros wanted 70 for the sump and 15 for the sealent, i decided to try tps and got it for 117 all in which was 15 for the sealent and the rest for the sump. the problem with euros was that its a pattern part and for somthing thats at risk of being scraped its a no brainer really. i found it amusing that ebay had a pattern sump for 35 delivered and euros wanted double lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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