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I've done lots of reading on what's what and that small port >450bhp and big port 450bhp>

But, I've found some posts and one from prawn saying niki at retech about a k04 flowing alot better on a big port, and obviously going to believe the likes of prawn, which has now made me question which way to run

( K04 Conversion On Audi A3 AGU HELP PLEASE !!! )

Then I was looking at the size of a ported small port head and they are not that far off the size of the big port as far as I can see

What i cant find it back to back dyno runs of small port vs big port on the same turbo/engine and map

I'm asking because while I recognize and understand I'll lose low down tourqe on a track car it wont be in the low revs much.....

I also ask as I'm fitting a k04 to a agu and this means I need to buy a small port head with out really knowing what im gaining or sacrificing by keeping the agu or buying a small port head

Hope that made sence!

Fyi specs are/will be
AGU ENGINE with wide band loom,ecu etc fitted
vvt to be fitted
K04 023
Badger 5 tip
Welly cooler and 2.5" piping
3inch downpipe
3 inch exhaust to single straight through back box
S3 injectors unless bigger is recommended
S3 mad
Dw65 fuel pump
Some format of aftermarket Exhaust manifold
Etc etc

30 Posts
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Badger5 has done back to back - small port wins on low power stuff IIRC.
Thanks adam.

Im really intrested to see how much diffrence there is in low mid and high rpm.

The car will end up an occasional track car. So i think i need mid to top end rather than low end tourqe.

Besides the k04 is just a stop gap hopefully as got most buts lined up and sorted for a rebuild and big turbo whixh ive had for over 3 years that never ended up in the last 1.8t i owned!

I messaged badger 5 to ask him as i need an oversized tip anyway and want to take the car to him to be remapped.
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