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Dear all

Some four months ago we introduced a signature picture sizing policy on the forum. With an updated section in the forum rules and clear warnings given prior to the introduction date, it was accepted that all members would abide by the new size limits. This was solely for the benefit of our users and to address complaints regarding thread clarity. Specifically it was brought about to:

[*]Keep threads clear and concise

[*]Promote a sense of uniformity across our forum

[*]To reduce page-loading times, in particular for dial up users who were having to wait long periods simply to download the same signatures they have seen many times before. Even for those of us with Broadband / ISDN the shear size of signatures becomes frustrating.

However the uk-mkivs team have noted a steady increase in the use of pictures that quite openly flaunt the sizing policy introduced. Therefore it is with much regret that we are issuing newly updated guidelines and escalating the warnings given to repeat offenders.


Images: 1 image only, 175 X 150 pixel limit and file size not exceeding 25kb

Text: No more than three lines of text of any font size. For text of font size 12 and above there is a one-line limit.

The cut-off date for signature pictures to be updated/changed to conform to the new rule is:

Friday 12th September.​

This leaves well over a week for changes to be made. Anyone after that date that has not changed his or her signature picture will have his or her picture removed. Repeated violation of the rule will result in an L1 warning being issued.

We hope to not have to issue warnings but will do so in the event of failure to comply.


The uk-mkivs team.

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Yup thats fine.


For all those wanting to check their sig sizes, just right click on the image and go to 'properties'. There it lists the image dimensions in pixels, and the file size, which you can compare to the limits. [;)]
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