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Should i sell my GT TDI 150???

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I've had my Golf TDI for a few months now and i love it to bits, but really miss a petrol engine!

So now i'm in a dilemma and can't decide if i should sell it or not and get a mk4 petrol.

Actually was wondering what its worth in real world prices?

Its a:

2003 GT TDI 150 5 Door model, with all the kit except sat nav and heated seats. In the best colour IMO, metallic grey and its done 84k.

What you reckon guys>? [:|]
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Get a remap, that will soon put a smile back on your face.
Why did you buy it in the first place? I do less miles than I used to for work, but I'm going to keep my PD150 as it's so economical. I'm yet to get a remap, it's taking me a while to get bored of the car because I ride a motorbike for most of the summer too.
Well to be honest i wanted a petrol all along but the diesel just came up. It was the colour i wanted and had the spec i wanted too so i went for it. I dont need it to get to and from work so im not seeing any of the benefit of the better fuel economy..

Arggh decisions!!
Sell and buy yourself a 1.8T. Even with a re-map, the Diesel will still sound like a barge and run out of puff much quicker than a petrol variant with the same power output. The petrol one will also be smoother and more tunable for your buck. Only downside is the fuel consumption, however, this was nt enough to pursuade me away from the petrol engine. [Y]

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