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Shorter droplinks?

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So i'm pretty much bouncing off my driveshaft with the ARB.

I've heard shorter droplinks are one solution, and that an under-shaft ARB would be a better solution.

How low can i go on shortened droplinks?

Alternatives? R32 arb is no good without the mounts on my JOMs
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Wouldnt shorter drop links pull the bar closer to the shafts?

I gues you could always get a FK or whiteline ARB with larger hoops on the end.
My understanding was that the Whiteline was best as it went under, meaning no-more-issues-evar.

And aparently closer is better due to some twisted logic in the way the arm works (it pulls it closer, but the loop at the top then sits in a different place).
Tim you can look at mine next time im at Ollys. i have chopped droplinks. and Chris. no afraid not, the shorter droplinks bring the bar above the bar with a bigger gap. completely solved my issue.
I'll have to have a look bud. Thing is, you are on 18s, i'm on 17s, so by the time i kill off the last of the arch gap to match the rear, i'm going to be rubbing even on shorter ones i think.
nah i reckon you should be ok. there is a massive amount left in the loops still... you can check it out.
anyone know which of the short drop links are best and got anylinks?
i havn't yet seen any droplinks that come shorter as standard. all the companies that make them seem to think they need to be longer...... very odd.

i had my standard metal one cut down and rewelded, worked a treat. but they sit a t quite an angle and it now looks like i may need to change on of the rubber bush type parts(or just get some new metal ones and chop them down again. not sure how much they are as i dont think the 1.6 comes with the metal ones, but it will be fairly cheap.

put it this way, the adjustable droplinks that are for sale are £50.... and they arent right for this application.

on that not i have a set of FK adjustable droplinks here, never used... anyone want them? [:p]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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