You have a few parts I have accumulated and now no longer need. All prices are collected but can post a buyers cost

Pd130 inlet £15
Road surface Grey Asphalt Tar Concrete

Pair of headlights with fogs. 1 tab broken £30
Road surface Asphalt Automotive tire Automotive lighting Grey

Parcel shelf £10 each
Sleeve Road surface Asphalt Rectangle Grey

leather handbrake £10
Asphalt Road surface Automotive exterior Bumper Tar

Climatronic motors(all 3) and resistor £30
Road surface Asphalt Rectangle Wall Tar

3dr window motors £20
Road surface Asphalt Rectangle Font Gas

V6 battery box with lid
Rectangle Road surface Asphalt Font Monochrome

Pair of lights without dogs £20
Automotive parking light Shoe Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive design

steering wheel £30
Automotive lighting Font Gas Audio equipment Circle