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Secret Santa - what did you get

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We exchanged our secret Santa gifts at work today and I reckon I got quite a good haul [:D]

We had a spend limit of £10 and I got:

History of F1 book

Step Brothers DVD

Toffifee (my favourite)

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I went a tad over and spent £12 on 'Cock Wars' for my recipient. I'll let you guess what that is ...

If you took part - what did you get/give?
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Bloody Christmas socks is what i received. Less than happy!
We had a £5 limit, and I received a puzzle game where you make a triangle with lots of smaller ones, and have to match all the coloured lines correctly. Should be good to keep me entertained for a while. I bought a magnetic fishing game for the recipient of my gift.
I've bought a Hannah Montana lunchbox for my female boss! I'm expecting the person who's got me to be one of the lamo's that's 'snowed in'.
We had a £10 limit, and I got a mini Smirnoff set (bottle/glass/chocolates) and a sign that you hang in your car window if you have a child on board that is from 'Cars' (disney film) and say "little racer on board"...I guess I was second on the list of embarrassed recipients behind the lady who received edible panties (not from me)!
No secret Santa at my work place! Miserable gits!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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