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sdi Starting problem in the morning

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Ok!so baught this golf beginning of the week.nice car all round but it takes a while to turn over to start i serviced it yesterday and changed the glow plugs but had the same problem this morning.

My thunking at the moment is to check the relay for the glow plugs and the fuses.

have found the fuses but no joy on the relays?

looked under the air box and by the battery and by the fuses and behind the glove box.

any ideas guys?

car is a 52 plate sdi 1.9
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Quick update in case anyone is having the same problem. Found the relays yesterday and took out the glow plug one and there's no change so figure that might be the problem. Have ordered a replacement and will try it then
Could be the actual wiring to the plugs, seems to be a common one across the pond. Check in here for a how to on the glow plugs.
Thanks! Will have a look! I figure if I follow it down the line and replace most things I should get it sorted! Is a royal pain! Relay should arrive tomorrow so hoping that makes a difference. I think the main thing is that the glow plugs don't stay on long enough to do much if it's cold will have to see
Also. Just looked. That is an amazing guide! Totally bookmarking that! Thanks!
Just got the relay today and put it in! Not noticing a big difference but it starts fine if it's warm. Will wait till tomorrow morning to see if there is a difference! Also replaced the fuses in the box by the battery as the guide above said that could be the problem also. Here's hoping it all works!
A lot of the time the glow plugs aren't used anyway and the problem can often be the battery or starter.

You could try unplugging the cts to see if it starts better. Also worth getting the battery properly tested to see just how good it really is. Reading 12.5v with a meter doesn't mean much, they can still be passed it.
Ok so my relay solution didn't work. Went to start it this morning and it still struggled! Gonna have to break out the multi meter and have a nose. Only. Thing left on the glow plug line is the harness now
Can you get someone to measure voltage across battery while you're starting it? As seatmann, it could well measure normal when not under load, but if the battery is on it's last legs then the voltage will drop a lot when starting so the glow plugs, fuel pump and ECU don't get enough voltage to operate properly.
Will have to see yeah. Will text it by myself today or tomorrow just to see if I encounter anything and then go from there. Could well be the glow plug harness too!
Getting to the point where I'm just going to give up and take it to the garage ( I know i know) can't work it out though! One of the on site mechanics suggested changing the coolent temp sensor the other day! Did that! No change! Just can't seem to work it out! Very frustrating! I'll be so annoyed if I give it them and they've sorted it within a minute haha
Have you tried a new battery on it yet, or at least properly tested the existing one?

Also, check the earth connection and power connection at the starter motor and battery. If these are corroded then you get a lot of voltage drop between battery and starter which causes problems.
And thinking about it, if you bought it at the beginning of the week then there is a good chance it had been sitting for quite some time beforehand, which makes it even more likely that the battery is knackered.
Need to test it jumping tomorrow morning. Havnt had chance yet cos I work 6 days a week. Will find out though! And getting it tested by the garage on Monday. But weather it starts better with a jump will be a good indication
Even jump starting can be a problem if the existing battery is bad as it pulls down the voltage of the good battery. So if you find it doesn't jump start well, don't take that as meaning that the problem is something different from the battery. If you can, it's better to get know good battery and put it in place of yours.

Wish you well with getting it sorted. It's bound to be something minor. And have a good day off work tomorrow :)
Haha thanks! Am determined to get to the bottom of it!
Could also be the starter, mine was knackered. I took it off and stuck on a battery. Seriously slow to get going and a rumble. New starter made a massive difference.
Am trying to sort people to see it at the moment! Annoying as I have a few friends who have error code readers but because of how much I work and how much they work it's hard to arrange a day! Will get there though! Hopefully If one mate finishes soon enough I'll code read it today
So! Had it error code read! And then we cleared all the errors and. They didn't come back while I was there. Will see if it makes a difference tomorrow morning I suppose here they are
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