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Samsung Camera Help!

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Firstly i dont no if im right posting this here or if it should be in the technology section!? Basically any batteries that seem to go in regardless of what they are the camera gives me a message saying please replace batteries. Like WTF!? Why would it do this?? Is this a problem underlying in the csmera or do i need to buy big better duracell things? It had normal duracells before. Also if it turns on it will take one photo then if i go to take another the battery indicator will from full tick down from 3,2,1 then empty red. HELP!!!!!
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I dont think so, this is on behalf of my gfs camera so not 100% what she used. The most recent batteries have been duracell alkaline 1500's we tried some cheap ones as temps but they did virtually nothing!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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