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Running terrible

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Hi all. Been away for a while and have had to sign in under my Facebook as I can't get my username and password.

Anyway- we now have a mk4 GTI 2.0 and it's having problems. The engine management light was on and it ran fine. I cleared it using VDS lite and it now runs terrible. It sounds like it's sucking air from somewhere when I blip the throttle. To cure it, I had to unplug the air flow meter from the airbox to get home. It ran fine with that unplugged. I've looked for the air leak but can't see it anywhere.
The VDS software says it's the Lambda Sensor bank 1 S1. It's just passed an mot and the emissions showed the Lambda to be ok.
Anyone know what else it could be?
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Update: I can hear air sucking on the top of the intake manifold. There is a black circular fitting with two holes in it. That's loose and it sounds like air is being sucked in there.
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