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Just got an email back from him; jist of it is its a US car brought over to italy where he can't register it so he'll 'crate' it and get it delivered for no extra charge.

Even though it must be a scam, so tempted to go to the bank!

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Hello there,

I received your email regarding my car and I would like to thank you for beeing interested in it.The car has never been wrecked or damaged.No damages,no scratches or dents,no hidden defects, and it is as advertised,it passed the test emissions and comes with all the documents you need to register it.Because this is our first contact and because we are in a business relationship please let me introduce my self.

Here is my full personal info:

ADDRESS: Via Verona,19

CITY: Brescia


ZIP: 25019

First name: Alberto

Last name: Santoyo

I bought this car from US and it was drived only within US . It was

registered in US and I had all the services done there. The thing is that almost 5 months ago, I made that step - I got married !!!

My wife is from Italy and we decided to move there. Yes, I brought the car here in Italy .I wanted to register the car here, but when I found out how much paper work I must do to register it here... simply I gave up and decided to sell it and buy a family wagon here ..I even decided to support all the shipping charges in order to make a smooth deal for this car.I will use Lufthansa Airplane Cargo for shipping, so you will be able to receive it in 2-3 working days (depending on your exact location). The car will be crated, will have an insurance and will be delivered at your door without you being charged one penny more.As soon as I have your firm decision that you want to buy, I will take the car to Lufthansa Airplane Along with the car, I will send you all the documents that I have for the car - the title ,keys,owner manual and all the receipts from services .Immediately after I have the payment confirmation from you, I'll send the car in the next secound. In order to complete our deal, I'll need your address to prepare the car for shipping.

I will wait your email.

Best regards
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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