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After nearly four years of owning my Golf GTI... I've finally got her to look and act the way I want... but she has cost me a lot of money [:(] sorry in advance for so much information at once...[:D]

> 1800 Four Cylinder 20v Turbo,
> Jabba Sport Engine Management Remap,
> Jabba Sport INVO Metal Air Filter and Stainless Heat Shield with cold air ducting through bumper,
> Full Samco Turbo Pipes and Turbo Intake Pipe and ABD Racing Oversized Lower Intercooler Tube
> Milltek Ultra Flow CAT and Exhaust,
> Forge Motorsport Uprated Intercooler,
> GFB (Go Faster Bits) Atmospheric and Recycling By Pass Valve,

>Uprated Powerflex Front Bushes

>Dog Bone Mount (only one of the bushes changed to minimise vibration inside the car

> 8.5x19 " BBS Challenger Rims with 235/35 R19 Toyo Proxes T1-S Tyres.
> Fully Adjustable Weitec Hicon TX Coilovers (Adjustable Front and Rears),
> ABD Lightweight Front Anti Roll Bar.
> Audi TT 225 BHP 312mm Brakes(Front) Now replaced with ECS Tuning Stage 4 355mm Porsche Brakes[:)]
> Black Diamond Drilled Discs (Rear).

Body Styling:
> Diamond Black, with Anniversary Front and Rear Valances, and 3 door R32 Side Skirts
> Polo Rear Wiper,
> FK Automotive Debadged Grill,
> Golf and GTI Badges Removed From Tailgate and Replaced with RS Badge From Audi RS4.

> Recaro Interior Re Trimmed with Full Carisma Black Leather and Red Stitching, Gear Gator and Handbrake retrimmed to match
> W8 interior light,
> Climate Control,
> Sunroof
> Bora Vents

> Standard VW Head Unit with 6 Dic in Dash Changer.

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F K Automotive Grill, this was a nightmare as the quality and finish of the grill is really bad. You need to rub down and prep the grill before it can be sprayed, which took about 45 minuted to get right

Posted Image

RS badge on the tail gate.. this is the main reason I named her RS Golf

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My new brakes:

My BBS alloys, these are 19"s and I have had them on the car for nearly two years now.. buying these alloys was the best thing I bought for the car... even though these were my fourth set in two years. ( 1st were 18" OZ's, 2nd 18" RS4 Replicas, 3rd 18" Ace 132's)

The engine covers are from an Audi S3 which I had sprayed black. The engine has been remapped by Jabba and it is currently running 253BHP... before certain people start saying that Jabba's rollers are inaccurate.. I've had further power runs and the car still comes in at 251BHP and 254BHP.

I have had the car previously remapped by Upsolute and REVO. The Jabba remap was the one I prefered for my driving style.

Upsolute was great for off the traffic light races (a lot of power at the bottom of the rev range, but none in the middle and at the top of the rev range).

REVO remap was "Very Good" and then I started to hear stories of turbo damage from tuners and this made me seek Jabba.

The Milltek Ultra flow CAT and Exhaust helped to release a lot of power about 20BHP (this is a great mod for more power)

W8 Interior light:

The seats where retrimmed by Carisma and I can't fault a single part of their work.

Possible Future Mods:

*SAT Nav (not to sure about this as I will also need to buy a boot loader and sell my in dash changer

*Rear Light Cluster (Hella slightly darker smoked standard lights - as fitted to Sem's car) - Baker 21, you might be getting a call from me.

*Rear Light Cluster (Standard VW Later American version)

*Samco Coolant hoses - not to sure how these will help, but I guess they will look good

*Mega Large Brake upgrade (going to cost me a lot) - I guess that's one off the list.....

Recommendations would be great[:p]

Thank you for taking time to read this and any comments would be great..[:)]

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Great looking car. Questions:

How does it ride on 19's?

"The Milltek Ultra flow CAT and Exhaust helped to release a lot of power about 20BHP "


Top Job fella.
Thank you for the comments.

The car rides the same on 19"s as it did on 18"s and the BBS weight less than the old 18"s I previously owned, maybe about the same as the OZ's though. I think the suspension helps a lot though, as a lot of people that have been in my car, assume the ride will be bad and are very suprised at how smooth the car remains.

The Milltek system. The only mod that I had carried out since my last remap, when it was running 227BHP, was the milltek system and they did a power run at the same place as before and the result was 246BHP - (19 BHP up).

Once the car was fully remapped then the power reading finished at 253BHP.

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Lovely, absolutly lovely. looks similar to what i wanted for my mk4 [:D]

Were the engine covers easy to fit?
Thanks mate.

The engine covers where very easy, but they cost a lot for just plastic covers.

The Expansion Cover fits just like it should on an S3, just undo the screws holding the expansion tank and place with it the holding bracket. No drilling or modification required.

Battery Cover. This just clips in over the top of the standard battery cover, but leaves a hole in the bottom right hand corner of the engine bay (above the Right hand light). A small piece of plastic under the cover will hid this.

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I've been following your car (not litteraly!) since seeing it Trax last year - gotta say its one of the cleanest looking MK4's around [Y] Looking forward to what you're going to do next.

Only suggestion I would make it possibly having the CH's powder coated either, gunmetal or black, and have the edges polished.

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Absolutely stunning, one of the best cars I've seen on this forum. I take my hat off to you sir [:D]

The only thing I would alter is the aerial, a nice stubby Lexus job would go down a treat IMO

( Part number L86309-48040, 20 of your English pounds from a Lexus dealer )

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Your car was one of my favourites from Inters! Really grabbed my attention on the forum stand, especially that black leather with the red stiching, makes my normal leather look boring.

Next mod? smaller aerial, like the CTR one ive got, or maybe a passat rear vw emblem?

Maybe some subtle window tints?

Keep up the good work mate!
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