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Rough Idling

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Hey Guys,

I've noticed that when the car is left to idle, the rev needle moves up and down very slighltly and I can feel the car idle a little rough. Its not major but enough to catch my eye.

Cars just had a service.

Any ideas on what it could be?

Coil packs, MAF??

How would I be able to tell?

Cheers guys,
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Undo your coils and check the tubes on the bottom for oil ,5min job if there is oil on them the gasket is gone very easy job with many how 2 guides on how to do it. Just an idea.
Thats great advice, checked them and there is oil on them..... looks like I'll be replacing the gasket then

cheers dude
It's valve cover gasket/rocker gasket about 28 pound from vw last time I got 1 ,all tho you could get cheaper .don't forget to clean the coil tubes after you replace the gasket or you can just replace them they just pull off the end of the coils.
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