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Ok, there is a rolling road in ipswich called Frost Motor Services-

I have googled and he seems to have a really good rep on all the car forums i saw his name mentioned!

Unfortunately its only a 2WD RR. I will be popping in to see them today and get some more info.

Ideally i am after numbers of those interested, a date when everyone who wants to go is free and if someone could spread the word on other car forums they use.

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Sorry fella going to Hijack this thread :D

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To bolster both of our numbers and confirm a group discount this is what i have in mind.

I'd like to give a few months notice that way people can set aside money and arrange plans around it. Also that gives frost a bit of room to work with as he's pretty busy atm.

If it's ok with your boss, perhaps put a 50% deposit on the shop?
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