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RNS-510 in a mk4

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Had the idea of putting the unit in my mk4 rolling around in my head for some time and went looking around to see if any one had attempted it and found this

Posted Image

think it looks pretty good and am interested in having a go, just wondered if anyone on here has tryed it? i know you would have to mess around with the dash a bit and the wiring. We'll see when the anni arrives later this year [:p]
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I personally wouldn't bother and I like a challenge,there's as good if not better units that will fit straight in without any surgery and won't need the CAN-BUS magic stuff to get it working properly.

Yeah i heard about the CAN wiring in the mk4 wont make the unit work properly. If you wouldnt bother then its stupid for me to even try haha, i always look through your build and how to guides, some ace work [Y]

More i look at that pic^ the more i think the unit looks to big in a mk4 anyways
looks to out of place imo. there are loads of direct replacment units out there that are work fine and dont look to in ya face. [Y]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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