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RIP My Car - 31/12/2010

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Well after 5 years and 100,000 Miles my gear box and clutch have finally died due to the dodgey rivets (i suspect)

So a few of the final pictures before everything went wrong :(

Started to strip the main bits that i can sell on off it, wheels, lights, etc then she will be sold spares or (hopefully) repair

Enjoy :)

p.s if anyone wants any bits just shout :)

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Dude, uncool!!!

I had this happen to me, cost less than £500 to get a 2nd hand box, new clutch and fitment though! is it not worth sorting?
What a shame for a nice looking motor, get it fixed!
I got a gear box in a car I am currently breaking.its a genuine 60k from new by one elderly gent.His daughter forgot to check the oil and fecked the engine.It seems such a shame to break your car for spares..

Shame to hear dude :( what's the Anni valance rep made from and is that coming off the car? Lol
Mate, it's looks like a tidy car, surely it's worth repairing?
Shame to hear dude :( what's the Anni valance rep made from and is that coming off the car? Lol
looks like a jom airblade that mate sprayed silver
If it was mine mate I would fix it, If the car is apart from clutch and gearbox in good shape, which it looks to be it's got to be worth fixing. I assume the clutch is the original, so 100 000 miles on one clutch, that's just wear and tear, so really the only thing wrong with it is the gearbox. 1 low mileage gearbox and new clutch - one working car
it's not dead yet!
Looks like a nice car.

I would price up to see if you can fix the gearbox and clutch as it seems such a shame.
People replace clutches and gearbox's all the time ?

Surely its cheaper to do that than but a whole new car ?
Stick a 1.8T in it
Now thats pointless, as its only his gearbox and clutch ?
Been there done that mate.

When you spend £350 for a gearbox, £100 for a clutch, £15 in new gearbox oil and the time....excluding labour.....I think mine came to near £500 and broke 5 months down the line.

1.8T is a much more reliable engine.
If your going to split it i would be more than intrested in those tt comps.

Sorry about the g box though mate.
3.2 vr6 even more reliable and not to mention sounds better [:p]
Looks like a lovely car, would be a shame to break

If you do though, give me a price for the rear spoiler?
I'm gutted for you mate.

Could still repair it though? If not look for a nice 1.8t or TDI and transfer some of the mods over if you can?

How much would you sell that stubby aerial for just out of curiousity?
wouldn't cost much to fix...

shame as it looks a nice car
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