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RIP Gerry Rafferty

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As well as the guy from Japan the writer and performer of the song "Baker street" died yesterday.He may only be generally known for this one song that only got as high as #2 in the UK charts but it gave us the most famous saxophone solo of all time,courtesy of Raphael Ravenscroft that still brings me out in goosebumps every time I hear it.

My partial claim to fame,he bought his guitars from a music shop at my local parade just five minutes from where I live.

Winding your way down on Baker Street
Light in your head and dead on your feet
Well another crazy day, you'll drink the night away
And forget about everything.

This city desert makes you feel so cold
It's got so many people but it's got no soul
And it's taken you so long to find out you were wrong
When you thought it held everything.

You used to think that it was so easy,
You used to say that it was so easy
But you're tryin', you're tryin' now.
Another year and then you'd be happy
Just one more year and then you'd be happy
But you're cryin', you're cryin' now.

Way down the street there's a light in his place
He opens the door, he's got that look on his face
And he asks you where you've been, you tell him who you've seen
And you talk about anything.

He's got this dream about buyin' some land
He's gonna give up the booze and the one night stands
And then he'll settle down, in some quiet little town
And forget about everything.

But you know he'll always keep movin'
You know he's never gonna stop movin'
Cause he's rollin', he's the rollin' stone.
And when you wake up it's a new morning
The sun is shining, it's a new morning
But you're going, you're going home.

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quite a shock when i heard the of the best sax solos ever
I read that "one hit" still earned him £80000 annually from royalties due to it being a worldwide hit!

Sad loss.....RIP!
^^^ He did have a few other minor solo hits,and of course "Stuck in the middle with you" as Steelers Wheel but we'll always remember him for this one song.

What a shame we don't get timeless classics like this any more that still sound fresh after 30 years,most of the inane drivel we get today sounds crap after 30 seconds[:(].

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