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I'm gonna be away for the whole week so if i leave this thread in the
hands of Shiuming, (im sure i can trust him) [:p], to sort out exact
location and time for a meet, then i'll see you guys there , if theres
enough interest.

Lets try get a good number for this , as its a nice location and before the coooooold weather comes back again [:(]

Shiu, if you could sort out the exact car park location in the park and
time (pref late afternnoon, so i can wash the car in and out), then I
think were sorted. Dont know if any of you lot want to make a
convoy from a metting point in a direction your all coming from. But
most likely i'd be meeting you lot there as still got alot to do with
the car.


P.S we'll also try arrange some place we can cruise to, and stop for a bite [:)]

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The Plan...

  • Meet at 15:00 - Pembroke Lodge car park
    Map at
    • Chat about cars
    • Take photos of cars
    • Eat ice cream
    • Listening session: rfsteel's fruity exhaust (hope that's OK mate?)
    • Take photos of wildlife
    • Visit Isabella Plantation
  • Convoy up the A3 to Tibbets Corner and down the hill to Wimbledon (a great blast with a few twisties) Nando's for eats afterwards. NCP car park underneath Centre Court shopping centre will provide some good photo ops.
  • If I get it in time, fitting my lower strut brace in the car park? [:)]

Anyone got additional ideas or want to go somewhere for drinks later on?

The People...

  • Jose_Golf
  • shiuming
  • The Walrus
  • rfsteel
  • MissT16
  • Marc
  • Deadlock
  • N15CKO
  • nudda
  • damianmkv
  • Mo

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  • Convoy over to Nandos in Wimbledon for eats afterwards
You are always thinking of food[pi][pi][pi]!!!!!!
That was Jos?'s idea, honest! [:D] I thought you were on hols mate? Anyway, would be good to see you and/or Katy there. Hope the weather improves. Also, sorry about not replying sooner about Christmas meet - I'll be sorting accommodation myself if needed.
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