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Quote: posted by Viperpsych on 05/02/2005 19:06:20

My mate has a 1.8t AGU upsolouted with a neauspeed air intake pipe, vipercross cai, gfb bov & a mongoose back box.

I have a 1.8t AUM Revo'd and we are still on par. He has probally spent ?800 where as i have spent ?600.

However mine is a DBW which does make some difference.

It's only the chip on his car that's going to do much for power, the rest is mostly for show, maybe a couple of horsepower at best on the road. CAI might come into it's own in the Summer though.

Wrigley, ask Revo direct - they have their own forum section on and regularly use it.

Would go the UPsolute route myself though.

Surprised sfront bottomhorpe gets past the swear filter too BTW!!!
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