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Respray or wrap

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What do people think is best , full respray or get the wrapped ...
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Do wraps eventually bubble, rip, peel or fade?
Paint shines up nice, sparkles in the sun & you feel satisfied when youve spent all day washing waxing & polishing! Only downfall is chips & scratches !
Was thinking that myself, if I go for respray do I stay the same colour or change it , the colour at the moment is silver, also the rims could do with a refurb , they are like a gun metal greyish colour, to be honest the colour of the rims goes well with the silver , not done nothing to car since I got it , well not yet anyway ......
A decent full respray will always be better but obviously considerably more money to achieve something of a high standard.
Wraps are quicker, cheaper and easily removed if you have a change of heart though.
A respray consists of a lot of preparation, especially if you want it to last, so you would need to be 100% confident the people you employ would do it spot on. N o point in having a gleaming respray only for a bit of corrosion spoiling it in 12 months. Any corrosion will still go on under a wrap, but you can always pull the offending area off, address the problem and re wrap without the prep having to be perfect.
Ive been amazed by some wraps ive seen, couldnt believe it wasnt paint.. but if you have any chips ects in the paintwork it'll show through the wrap, if moneys no issue id go for a respray
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As Big Bang said, the guys doing the wraps are pretty good. I saw an amazing electric blue range rover last week and it looked amazing.
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