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respray advice

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i am needing to have my car resprayed, full drivers side and passenger side wing ( someone went down side of the car, was like that when i bought it ) been quoted a good price

just wondering if it will look really odd seeing as though my cars a 1999/2000 was planning on getting the work done then giving the rest of the car a buff and good polish to try make it all blend in with new paint....

anyone done this before or similar?

will it look stupid?

any ideas

thanks in advance
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A good paint shop should blend it anyway unless your other side is absolutely trashed paintwork wise it should not be like black and white difference :)
Hi i run a body shop in kent what is the paint code of the car. It is possible to blend it in but colours such as la7w reflex silver is abit of a pain but a good 3 stage polish and blending the colour by flicking the paint into neighbouring panels should make it perfect if the guy can do his job well
Yeah he said that he can blend the colour in, it's the light blue colour
Just don't want the car to look odd with part respray
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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